The Early Years

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Members of staff were chosen to work in the Foundation Phase Early Years Unit because of their ……


    attention to detail,




and also for the professionalism shown as they are involved in tasks.

  1. Pupils attending the Early Years are expected to be wearing the School Uniform- tie not compulsory in the Playgroup.
  2. See attached list of the cost of sessions, School Uniform, School meals etc.
  3. All kept sessions must be paid for – even if the pupil does not attend.
  4. Milk / water is offered during break times. You are welcome to give your child a piece of fruit to eat during his/her break. If your child has any dietary needs, you will be expected to have discussed these beforehand with the Early Years Leader.
  5. There will be 1 Physical education lesson per week.

The Physical Education Uniform consists of:

  • Black shorts - plain
  • Yellow ‘T’ Shirt with crest – bought at the School
  • Pumps/trainers with Velcro fasteners

Our Philosophy.

Children are natural learners. During the formative years when the brain is at its most absorbent the learning process is at its highest level. The learning experiences offered to each young child will form the foundation for all their future learning and will ultimately determine their quality of life as adults.

 As a school we therefore believe that during these formative years children must be placed on a path that is paved with quality experiences.

 At our Early Years Unit these experiences are carefully planned and are aimed at:

  • securing a happy healthy and safe environment in which to learn
  • enriching each child's innate ability to learn
  • developing each Childs curiosity for learning
  • promoting each child enthusiasm to learn
  • encouraging each child's natural creativity
  • thus facilitating each child’s resourcefulness and laying a firm foundation for the future

Our learning environments invites each child’s curiosity. It offers the excitement of discovery in such areas as:

  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • science
  • digital competency
  • dramatic play and music

For each child the world is new and exciting. What we as adults take for granted is totally new to a young child. An adult might consider a rainbow to be ‘just another rainbow’, a child will see its wonder.

We therefore encourage children to:

  • explore
  • touch and
  • experience the world around them and thus to be enthralled at the wonder of new discoveries.

Our curriculum is delivered using proven and tested methods. We do not experiment with a child's education.

Learning through play always has and always will play a part in the learning process of a young child from birth to early years. During the child's early experiences in our Play group and Nursery, the curriculum is hidden within a fun atmosphere of educational play.

Carefully planned ‘educational play’ is fun and does not put unnecessary pressure on children during their formative years. Emphasis is placed on developing self esteem through recognising that every child is special and unique. Thus, each child is led to understand the relevance of being connected to this big, big world of ours which, if they are given the best start in life will soon be their oyster.  

Our goals for children are to learn meaningful skills that will help them throughout life:

  • growing up with friendship
  • respecting and finding beauty in all people
  • respecting all living creatures that we share our earth with

Learning the importance of such daily routines as

  • healthy eating
  • caring for themselves and
  • caring for the environment

Our pupils will be encouraged to explore their world, to ask questions and more questions to which we will together  find the answers to - in books and computers.

Children are abundantly creative. We foster and develop that creativity by listening to their colourful stories of places and of things imagined.

We provide children the freedom to express themselves to their hearts content.

 The learning is led by the mature mind of the teacher who has carefully planned all the learning experiences.

The teacher and the learning Support Team then nurture each child in accordance with:

  •  age
  • ability and
  • aptitude  

in order to capitalise on benefiting from the truly delightful discoveries made throughout their day. Thus, gradually they will begin to acquire the skills required for formal learning.

If you wish for your child to attend the Breakfast Club from 7:30 am and/or attend the After School Club from 3:30-6pm – see CLUBS.