Mission Statement

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Caergeiliog Foundation School has a commitment to ‘Quality and Excellence in Education’ and ‘A Service of Care’ and thus strives daily to ensure that each child entrusted to its care is given the highest possible standard of education and one that will facilitate the best possible start in life.  This involves the development of the whole child and is a process based on the philosophy of ‘the child is father of the man’ and one which sensitively prepares each pupil to face the challenge of taking on his or her responsibilities as tomorrow’s citizen.

This Mission is promoted through the School’s culture which has evolved over its long and distinguished history.  This culture is based on sound character development and discipline; on the promoting of admirable civilised values such as honesty, good manners, a sense of fair play, tolerance of others opinions whilst having ones own opinions and care and concern for ones fellows.  It is promoted by installing pride in the wearing the School Uniform, pride in the School Colours and commitment to its motto ‘Persto et praesto’ - ‘I persist and excel’.

We hope that the pupils of this School as they grow physically and mentally, will also grow socially and spiritually so gaining a real respect for themselves, for each other, and indeed, for the whole of this exciting world - God’s world - in which we all live.

“Education must nourish the diverse talents of our children.  It must widen their horizons; develop their appetite for learning; enable them to live life to the full.  It must foster intellectual, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual development and help children develop the values that will guide them through the difficult decisions they will have, inevitably, to make in adult life.”

[Dearing Report 1993]

This mission can only be accomplished through teamwork and each person involved with the School is therefore made aware that the School cares for all its members, that it actively encourages each individual’s professional development and that each member has an important part to play in fulfilling this Mission.

Persto et praesto