Parents' Charter

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The Parents’ Charter at Caergeiliog Foundation School

“Parents and teachers should never be enemies, but partners striving to attain that which is best for the children in their care.”

“A rise in the level of parental encouragement augments their children’s performance at school.”

Young and McGeeney

As a parent, you have the right to a place in the school of your choice unless it is full to capacity with children who have a stronger claim.  You also have a right to a proper education for your child and to know what he or she is being taught at school.

At Caergeiliog you will receive a written report on your child each year and you will be able to see the work of the School and talk to the staff.  The Headmaster is always available to talk to parents and they are encouraged to participate in school activities.  The School will keep records of your child’s attendance, behaviour and academic and other achievements and you will be able to see the records.  You will also receive an annual report from the School’s Governors and will be invited to a meeting to discuss both the report and other issues.

The aim of all this is to enable you to know fully what and how your child is being taught and what you can do to help.  As a parent you have a legal responsibility to ensure the best education for your child and you must at least see that your child attends school regularly and on time.

We advocate a very open relationship between parents and staff.  If you are concerned about any aspects of your child’s work, please do not hesitate to come along and see the Head.  If you would care to make an appointment via the School, a meeting can be arranged.  Members of staff will also contact you if they are concerned about your child’s work and behaviour.